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Hingham Business Victimized by Greed Dot Scam with Local Twist 


A Hingham business lost money in a variation of the Green Dot scam. In this phone scam, the caller claimed to be from Hingham Light and not National Grid.


The business, a Hingham restaurant, received a phone call over the weekend from a caller who claimed to be from the Hingham Municipal Light Plant. The caller claimed the business owed money for their past electric bill and threatened to turn off their power for  non-payment. 


The caller told the business they needed to make a payment using a Green Dot card. The business purchased a Green Dot card, loaded it with $1,500.00 and gave the card information over the phone to the scammers. 


Typically, the scammers use the account and PIN within minutes and the money is gone. It cannot be refunded and is typically used in another country.


We've announced similar scam attempts of Hingham businesses and elderly within the last several months. However, in those cases, the scammers claimed to be from National Grid. This is the first we've seen of the scammers using the name of a local municipal 

utility. The scammers obviously added the local utility name because they've realized National Grid does not supply electricity here and past scam attempts have not been successful. 


Hingham Light or any other genuine utility would never require payments only be made from a prepaid Green Dot scam. The scammer most likely called over the weekend, because utility business offices would be closed making it harder to call to verify if the utility was actually calling.


For  those  not  aware, Green Dot is a popular brand of prepaid debit card. It can be purchased at most stores including local CVS and Rite-Aid stores, The cards can be loaded with any amount. It's similar to a debit or credit card because it has a unique number assigned to it and a PIN that has to be scratched off. The PIN allows the purchaser to pay online or over the phone with the card.


HPD Announces their 48th Civiliam Police Academy


The Hingham Police announced today that they will be putting on class #48 of their Civiliam Police Academy (CPA) which has met with trememdous success in past years.


Applications are available at the front window at the station or you may click here to download one.


The Academy is Scheduled to begin tentatively on April 9 at 1800 hrs.  Applicants must be Hingham resident or business owner and 17 yrs or older. 

Phone Scam Attempt of Elderly Resident and
Credit/Financial Information Compromised

An elderly resident reported a phone scam attempt that began with a phone call from a caller who claimed his computer was infected and it needed immediate attention to fix it.

On January 24, 2014 an 83 year old Hingham resident received a phone call from a man claiming to be from "Windows Tech Support". The caller told the resident his computer was infected and he needed to act quickly to resolve the issue. The fee would be $110.00

The resident initially believed it was a legitimate call and provided his credit card information and agreed to pay the fee to fix his computer.

The resident further followed the callers instructions and allowed the man to remotely access his computer. Once the remote access was gained, the resident ended the call.







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