Pump out Service

Shore Side Pump-out Station 

This station is free of charge to all boaters and operates from sunrise to sunset. Instructions are on the pump housing, which pumps 35 gallons per minute and operates at all tidal levels. This is the shore pump-out station for Hingham Harbor Marina and Bare Cove Marina. Hingham Shipyard Marina has a pump-out station located on their work dock for their customers.

**The Town Landing self service pump-out station is currently operational for the 2020 season**

Pump Out Boat

Pump-out services are provided free of charge under the Clean Vessel Act to recreational boaters. The boat is operational from roughly May 15 through October 10. During the weekends it is available for transient boaters and can be hailed on VHF CH.12.

**The Pump Out Boat is currently out of service**

The pump-out boat will service boats on marina docks with pump-outs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, if an online request was submitted. The pump out boat will not go between boats in slips, or perform any pump outs where the waste cap is difficult or unsafe to reach. If need be, a vessel can temporarily move to an open T-Head or mooring to get a pump out, if the pump out boat is working in the area.

Hingham Shipyard Marina’s has a pump-out station on their work dock for their customers and the shore side pump-out station in the Inner Harbor is self serve and available to all recreational boaters.

Moored Boats
To request a pump-out on a mooring you can submit an online request form. You do not need to be present when the pump out is performed. Raising an orange pump out flag will help the operator locate your vessel. These flags are available in the Harbormaster's office.

Pump-out Request
Complete the online form to request a pump-out, You are not required to be on-board your vessel during the pump-out. The pump-out boat does not always make way in inclement weather.