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By making this pledge you agree that you will either use OR be a Designated Driver this holiday season. One person will win a “Night Out” in an 8-10 passenger limousine. What is a Designated Driver?

It’s someone who agrees not to drink ANY alcoholic beverages that evening and to safely transport home those who are impaired. It does not mean at the end of the night that the “most sober” or the “least drunk” person be designated to drive. By either using or being the Designated Driver, it makes sure you and your friends get home safely. 

A Designated Driver can be used anywhere people ride together after drinking alcohol, including private homes, bars, sporting events, restaurants or office parties.  At 27 Hingham establishments, Designated Drivers can be served free non-alcoholic beverages. Click here to see the list of establishments. (Pledge Rules)

It’s a simple act that can last a lifetime. 





Do It Right, Win A Night!
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