Citizen's Police Academy

The Hingham Police Department has been holding our Citizen’s Police Academy (CPA) since 1996.  It is the longest running program in the state, and has served as a model program for other departments throughout New England.  The Academy is 10 weeks long, and covers a variety of topics and activities, including motor vehicle law, domestic violence, animal control, a ride-along with an officer, and a K9 demonstration.

The Academy allows our officers and our citizens to have positive, informative interactions.  It is our goal to have our students come away from the program with a new perspective of what we do as police officers, and how and why we do it.  In return, we, as a department, hope to gain new insight into the needs and concerns of the community we serve.

The Academy is run in the spring at the Hingham Police Department.  The program is held on Wednesdays from 6pm - 9pm.  Due to the high demand for this program, the time and effort put into class preparation, and the fact that Officers volunteer their time to teach, we require a commitment to all of the ten sessions for acceptance into the program.

Citizens Police Academy
Applications for the Citizen’s Police Academy are available online. 
Sergeant Nick Smith and Officer Jerry Sullivan run the Academy at the Hingham Police Department.

Residents of Linden Ponds may choose to participate in a private program at their community, held in the afternoon on Mondays; Officer David Orlandi runs the Academy at Linden Ponds.  
  1. Nicholas Smith

    Sergeant - Court Prosecutor

  1. Jeremiah Sullivan

    Police Officer

  1. David Orlandi

    Police Officer

Sample Schedule

Week Topics Covered
Week 1 Introduction, Police Station Tour, Regional Dispatch Tour
Week 2 New Recruit Training, K9 & Animal Control
Week 3 MetroLEC, Active Shooter
Week 4 Plymouth County House of Correction
Week 5 Hingham District Court - Mock Trial
Week 6 First Aid/Trauma, Domestic Violence
Week 7 Drunk Driving and Seatbelt Safety
Week 8 School Resource Officers, D.A.R.E, Motor Vehicle Law
Week 9 Detective Overview, Fraud & Scams, Use of Force
Additional K9 Demonstration, Firearms
Week 10 Academy Graduation
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