Saved By The Belt Award 

In 2011 the Hingham Police instituted a Saved By The Belt award program as part of its overall effort to increase seat belt usage by showing real life examples of people saved from death or serious injury due to correct seat belt or car seat use while they were not at fault or committing a traffic violation. 

This program seeks to identify individuals whose lives are saved or injuries significantly reduced because they were properly wearing a a seat belt, were in a child safety seat and/or were protected by an air bag during a crash.

As part of the implementation of the program, all officers were trained in the importance and goals of the program. 


  • increase public awareness of the benefits or use of seat belts, child safety seats and/or airbags
  • provide documented evidence of cases where these devices "made the difference"
  • reinforce the live saving importance of occupant protection and encourage other to always use them 

Who Qualifies for Nomination

  • Nominees must have used the proper combination of safety devices available such as a lap and shoulder belt
  • Nominees must not have been cited for a violation or found to be responsible for the crash
  • Crash occurred within the Town of Hingham
Saved By the Belt Award
Saved By the Belt Award Certificate

Nomination and Review  Process

  • A completed nomination form along with crash photo(s) submitted by the investigating Officer to the Program Coordinator Sgt. Steven Dearth
  • Each form reviewed for the severity of the crash, circumstances surrounding the crash, severity of injuries/current condition
  • Final approval is required by the Chief of Police

Award Presentation

The Chief of Police and the nominating/investigating Officer will present the nominee with a framed Saved By The Belt Certificate. With the nominee's permission, this is done during a public meeting in Town Hall, to further reinforce the value of seat belts, child seats and airbags.

Past Award Recipients

Saved By The Belt

Brendan Wright, 16, of Quincy, was our first Saved By The Belt Award recipient. His Jeep was struck by a truck that crossed the center line into his lane in June 2011 on Route 53. That impact sent his Jeep into a spin across two oncoming lanes of traffic. It went over the curb, became airborne and landed on a large rock and against several small trees. He had just received his license 4 weeks earlier. He was not injured. Traffic Officer Jeffrey Kilroy noted he likely would have been ejected if he was not seat belted. 
Saved By The Belt Award Crash Photo June 2011
Saved By the Belt Award Recipient Brendan Wright and Chief Michael Peraino

Saved By The Belt

Three Weymouth teens where traveling on Route 53 in February 2012 when their Nissan was struck on the passenger side by a car that entered the road from a parking lot and struck the side of their SUV. That impact caused the Nissan to spin clockwise and flip onto its side. 

Fortunately, the driver, Jenna L. Sartucci, 18, and her two 17 year old passengers, Lauren H. Wiessmeyer and Kelly A. Griffin were all properly seat belted and not injured.
Traffic Officer Philip Tracey, a crash reconstructionist, wrote the teen, if not seat belted, likely would have suffered serious if not fatal injuries. 
Saved By The Belt Award Crash Photo February 2012
Saved By The Belt March 2012

Saved By The Belt

John L. Kornet  Jr., 70, of Cohasset, was driving on Route 3A when his Kia collided with an SUV that pulled out from a stop sign. The SUV was attempting to cross Route 3A. The impact caused the Kia to roll onto its driver’s side.

Mr. Kornet, who was alone, was wearing his seat belt. His airbags deployed and he was trapped in the driver’s seat. The Jaws of Life were used to extricate him. He was received non- life threatening injuries.

Investigating Officer Jeremiah Sullivan noted the seat belt kept Mr. Kornet secured in his seat, and prevented him from being partially or even fully ejected onto the road or being thrown inside. The driver’s seat area was not crushed or compromised. 
Saved By The Belt Award Crash Photo May 215
Saved By The Belt Award Recipient John Kornet May 2015