Hingham K9 with Army Blackhawk

History of the K-9 Unit

Thanks to Sergeant Glen Shaw (retired), the Hingham Police Department has a tremendous history with police K-9 work. Sergeant Shaw pioneered the program and worked with not one, but two K-9s, "Karre" and "Kanto." Sergeant Shaw retired in 2004 and in 2007, an energetic Officer James Foss brought a detailed plan to the table that Chief Taylor Mills (retired) knew was best for his department and community. The Hingham Police K-9 program was back up and running, and K-9 "Axel" was soon on patrol. After eight and a half dedicated years on patrol with Officer James Foss, K-9 "Axel" has retired from police work in the Spring of 2016. He spent his retirement relaxing and living with his handler, Officer Foss until his passing in 2018.

Following the outstanding work that Axel has performed for our department and community as a whole, we have expanded our K-9 division to take over the legacy that he has left. We are pleased to have both a full service patrol dog and a dedicated narcotic detection dog.


The Hingham Police K9 Unit is funded mainly by donations. Donated funds are used to buy everything needed for the dogs' daily life such as food, treats, cages, kennels, and leashes, as well as to equip the two specialty cruisers needed for the dogs to be on patrol. Donations also help to defray any medical costs incurred for the two dogs. 

Donations can be made onlineby mailing a check to the address below, or in person at the Hingham Police Station. 

Hingham K-9 Foundation
212 Central Street
Hingham, MA 02043

T-Shirts and Hats are also available at the station or for purchase online.

For additional information please email the K9 department.

Current K-9s

Patrol K-9 
Partner: Officer Ryan Ross

Our newest Patrol K-9 is a purebred German Shepherd from Slovakia named "Pedy." He was born on March 16, 2015 and arrived in New England in May of 2016. Just like his predecessor Axel, K-9 Pedy was purchased from Connecticut Canine Services in Bethany CT. K-9 Pedy and his partner, Officer Ryan Ross, completed an extensive 16-week K-9 school in September of, 2016 where they were trained in all aspects of patrol work.

Officer Ross and Pedy were trained by the Plymouth County Sheriff's Department in Bridgewater Massachusetts.

Police Officer and German Shepherd

Narcotics and Friendly Find K-9
Partner: Officer Bryan LoBianco

K-9 “Pandia” was born on June 1, 2023 in Buxton, Maine at Maranatha’s Farm Kennels. She is a pure bread Black Labrador Retriever who was obtained through Maranatha’s Kennels on March 11, 2023.  Maranatha’s Kennels was chosen as the breeder based on our last narcotics K-9 “Pablo”. Pandia and her handler Officer Bryan LoBianco, completed a 12 week narcotics detection training school in May 2023. Officer LoBianco and K-9 Pandia were trained through master trainer Sergeant Mark O’Rielly of the Massachusetts Department of Corrections in Norfolk, Massachusetts. 

K-9 Pandia will continue her training soon in order to be certified in friendly finds. This training will aid the Hingham Police Department and surround towns locate missing people not suspected of crimes. 

Police officer and black lab dog

Police Comfort K-9
Partner: Officer Tom Ford, School Resource Officer

In 2021 School Resource Officer Tom Ford saw the potential of brining a comfort K-9 program to our department and community.  District Attorney Tim Cruz worked with Officer Ford on his vision and provided a generous grant to bring a comfort dog to Hingham.  Opry was quickly rescued from a kill shelter in Texas and made her way to Hingham where she formed an immediate bond with Officer Ford and began her lengthy training and certification as a comfort dog.  Today, Opry is assigned with Officer Ford at Hingham High School, but is available to and makes frequent visits to all public schools in Hingham.  Outside of her regular shift, Officer Ford and Opry make frequent visits to the businesses, residents and visitors of Hingham.  Whether it be a walk through the Hingham Square or Derby Street Shops, or a visit to one of our senior living centers, she is an immediate hit with everyone she meets.  

Opry Classroom

Retired K9 Members

Narcotics K-9
Partner: Officer Robert Achille

K-9 "Pablo," a dedicated narcotic detection dog born on June 10, 2015 in Buxton Maine. He is a pure breed Black Labrador Retriever acquired from Maranatha's Farm on May 3, 2016. Pablo comes from a pedigree breed trained for cadaver search. He, along with his handler Officer Robert Achille, completed a 12 week intensive narcotic detection training school in August of 2016. With a kind heart and a firm paw K-9 "Pablo" embodies the Hingham Police Department. 

Officer Achille and Pablo were trained by the Plymouth County Sheriff's Department in Bridgewater Massachusetts.

K9 Pablo 020