Traffic Division

The Traffic Division was established in 1982 in response to a crash that involved multiple fatalities.  This incident highlighted the need for a more effective response to dangerous driving behaviors.  Officers assigned to the Traffic Division are assigned to enforce motor vehicle laws with the goal of reducing injuries sustained in motor vehicle crashes.  In addition to traffic law enforcement, officers assigned to this division are responsible for investigating all crashes that occur during their shift, and are trained to a higher level of accident investigation than other officers.  
HPD Traffic Safety Division Patch 2020
The Traffic Division is headed by Sergeant Jeffrey Kilroy and three officers from each shift are assigned to this unit.  The Traffic Division officers are assigned to a dedicated cruiser with state of the art electronics and crash investigation equipment. 

Radar Speed Trailer

A Radar Speed Trailer can be used in your neighborhood to increase driver awareness of vehicle speeds. If you would like to request a speed trailer in your neighborhood, please fill out the Speed Trailer Request Form.
Officer setting up speed awareness trailer along the road

Traffic Enforcement

Traffic Officers are assigned to various locations during their shifts to enforce motor vehicle laws with the goal of reducing motor vehicle crashes.  You can request the Traffic Officers to be assigned to a specific area of concern for enforcement activities.  If you would like to request enforcement in your neighborhood, please fill out the Traffic Enforcement Request Form.
Traffic Officer riding motorcycle on patrol